Summer 2015: The Blueberry Route

Day 5: Saint-Felicien to Peribonka 79km.
Monday, August 24.
Sunny with building clouds and an east wind. 25C.


The Ashuapmushuan River looked like glass this morning and it was hard to tell which way it was flowing. We packed up in no time and made our way up town to the grocery store for our breakfast. Since we hadn’t actually seen downtown yet we decided to eat our breakfast there and found a beautiful park.


After we ate we opted to take the short cut to Dobleau-Mistassini via hwy 373 despite being advised not to by the person at the tourist office. This route saved us 20km of riding and except for one short segment the highway had nice paved shoulders.

We saw blueberry fields forever for at least twenty kilometers. When we arrived in D-M we stopped for lunch near the Riviere Mistassibi. It was cooler by the water and we both admired the smooth, brown rocks.


Another brief visit to the tourist office for a language lesson for all, then we found our route again. Just outside of town the trail went into the woods and we had our own little highway to ride on.


We were feeling drained from the sun at this point so this part of our ride was a really nice change.


With only half a basket of peaches left from this morning, the final leg of our journey was grueling. We were heading into the wind and were pedaling along side the highway again. Only a few more kilometers to go. Finally we arrived in Peribonka and saw the sign for “Aubergite”. We inquire and they even have a room for us. Success!

We picked up our picnic supper at the gas station store and ate out on the front porch. Then we took a walk around the neighborhood and back on the boardwalk just as the sun was going down.


Sleep will come easy tonight.


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