Summer 2015: Veloroute des Bleuets

Day 4: Metabetchouan to Sainte Felicien 72km
Sunday, August 23.
Hazy sun and humid. 25C

Without any real food for breakfast we started our ride this morning just before 9am. We found the paved trail and headed for Desbiens which was only 5km away.


We stopped to eat some of our leftover cookies and milk at a picnic table on the other side of Desbiens. That gave us the strength to ride 8 more kilometers to Chambord where we bought a container of wild blueberries. Then on the way out of town we finally spotted a Marche where we picked up some more food for lunch.

We ate lunch in a campground that our route passed through. There were a lot of other people out riding today including several “packs” of serious riders. They passed so quickly and without warning that I was unable to get a picture.

In Roberval we stopped at the Quai just to take a look.


Our last two hours of riding took us through Mashteuiatsh and Saint-Prime before we arrived in Saint-Felicien. We found a lovley motel overlooking the river. After we dropped off our luggage, we rode into town to the grocery store to pickup a hearty supper. Back In our room we made up for our puny breakfast and pigged out. We watched baseball and football and were even able to stay awake until the sunset.



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