Summer 2015: Veloroute des Bleuets

Day 3: Jonquiere to Metabetchouan 65km
Saturday, August 22.
Sunny. 26C


The sun was up and shining when we got out of bed just after 7am. Breakfast was delicious and light and we got to chat with some of the other guests who were visiting from France.
Of course everyone here speaks French, but we figure that when we practice communicating in French, a lot of people then seem to enjoy practicing their English on us. We have had a lot of fun so far doing that and learned quite a bit too.

After packing the car one more time we drove 15km to Jonquiere from Chicoutimi. We got the okay to park at the tourist office, unloaded the bikes and then finally we were on our way.


The bike path is paved and winds its way out of town. There were lots of other people out riding on the path and it almost felt like we were in some sort of race. Eventually the route follows alongside a road so there were a few cars now too. This section of the trail is part of Quebec’s epic “La Route Verte”.


25km later we stopped for lunch at a picturesque spot by Lac Kenogami.


After lunch we put our heads down and pedalled hard. Soon enough we were in Herbertville and found ourselves going in circles trying to pickup the trail out of town. At the tourist office / Velo maison a young man suggested that we should take the 169 instead because it wasn’t as hilly. We followed his advice and although it was slightly farther, it was less hilly. 14km later, Lac Saint-Jean was in sight.


On the way into Metabetchouan we stopped at a local deli for some food and then at the organic farm next to the motel we would end up staying at. We were hot, hungry and after we ate we realized we were also quite sunburned. We had a great ride, but need some rest now. Feet are up and we’ve been slathering aloe and other potions on our achy parts..



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