Summer 2015: The Blueberry Route

Day 2: Quebec City to Chicoutimi by car.
Friday, August 21.
Cloudy with rain then partly cloudy. 24C.

The rain followed us from Ontario and we also slept in this morning. We made it to breakfast at the motel with only a few minutes to spare. With a three hour drive still ahead of us we figured that we might not actually get on the bikes today. Mom noticed a bus outside the motel with an advertisement for the Montmorency Falls. Turns out that they are very close to us so we went to take a look.

There is a bridge that spans the falls and we crossed that.


Pretty impressive…


Then we climbed down the stairs to the base of the falls..


Before riding the gondola back up to where we started.

Back in the car we set out towards Tadoussac. The road seemed to climb up into the clouds. We also noticed tall moose fencing along both sides of the highway stretching for over 15km. We stopped for lunch at a rest stop overlooking Baie St Paul. 

After we ate we changed our course, deciding to drive straight to Saguenay where we would be able to preview some of the mountainous route we are planning to ride. Well the ride to the Saguenay along the 381 is like a crash course in mountain road racing. When we saw signs for 75km/h around corners, I actually had to speed up. After 100km of twisty ups and 14% grade downs, I felt a lot more assured of my driving skills. (Sorry, too busy driving for pictures.)
Arriving in La Baie, we took a breather at the tourist info place and inquired where we could park our car for a week while we toured by bike. They solved our dilemma by suggesting that we park at the info centre in Chicoutimi. So we drove another 15km and found a place to stay for the night.

Our place has a great view of the Riviere Saguenay. The proprietor explained to us that despite being
tidal the river here is freshwater. Over in La Baie it is saltwater and referred to as the Fjord.


Now we are as organized as we are going to get and plan to be riding our bikes towards Lac St Jean.


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