Summer 2015 : The Blueberry Route

Day 1: Ajax, Ontario to Quebec City by car.
Thursday, August 20.
Hot, humid, rain, clouds and sun. 31C


Thankfully we weren’t riding our bikes today because it was way too hot for that. After saying our goodbyes we were on the road by 10am. Traveling with the luxury of an automobile we were able to pack a little more luggage than usual.


After a brief stop in Kingston we stopped for a picnic lunch along the Thousand Islands Parkway…


More driving… Bypassed Montréal via the 30 Est and crossed back over the Saint Lawrence at Trois Riviere after a slight detour. It was getting dark now, but we decided to push on to Quebec so that we would be that much closer to our destination Tadoussac – at the mouth of the Fjord Saguenay.


It was 10pm when we checked in and we polished off our leftovers while we discussed tomorrow’s course of action. We are both excited about this adventure and looking forward to cooler temperatures in the morning.


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