An Ontario Adventure

Day 13: Linwood to Kitchener 41km
Saturday, June 27. 2015
Cloudy then rain and more rain. 19C

With rain in the forecast we wanted to get an early start to our ride today, but breakfast at the Brenneman B&B required seconds and thirds of the home made waffles. We had a good chat too and then hit the road.

Our first stop was to pick up more local strawberries from Schnurr’s general store. At this time of year you never know when they will be the last of the season.


After that we picked up the Kissing Bridge trail again heading towards Elmira. The wind was in our face again today, but the trail was in good shape. We thought the trail even looked like it had been groomed recently. A little further along our questions were answered when we passed the guy who was responsible.


We made Elmira in good time and it hadn’t started to rain yet. We headed south towards St Jacobs and made a quick stop at Picard Peanuts. It started to sprinkle. Our progress was halted briefly by a long procession of John Deere tractors and the rain came down.


Our last leg of the journey was through Waterloo on the Laurel Trail and into downtown Kitchener on side streets. With one last stop to pick up my keys, we made it back to my place. We were thoroughly wet, but we were home. After drying off and unpacking we enjoyed our leftover salad for lunch.


One last meal to book end another great adventure. Who knew we would have so much fun in our own backyard – Ontario.


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