An Ontario Adventure

Day 12: Blyth to Linwood 72km
Friday, June 26. 2015
Sunny with a few clouds. East wind. 22C
At 8 o’clock we were seated for breakfast at the Station House B&B. The proprietors also run a Bistro in Blyth so of course the food was delicious.


After a slice of freshly baked rhubarb pie for dessert we were all fueled up for our departure. As it turns out we needed every one of those calories because the trail was in rough shape. We switched over to the road, but had 13km of dirt roads before we saw pavement.


What made matters even worse, was that the road had fresh gravel on top.


The wind had changed direction too and was blowing from the east, precisely the direction we were heading. We kept are heads down, looking up only to check our mirrors and to peek at the passing scenery.


We passed countless farms and fields. Countless trucks and cars passed us. Some of the highlights were cows…


And tractors.


In Millbank, after 60km we made a picnic with some of the food we were carrying including fresh, local strawberries.


The Kissing Bridge trail starts in Millbank and we figured that the trail would be a welcome change from the busy #72. It started out fine, but after the first bridge the trail turned to grass.


The ground was soft and the pedaling was tough. Just what we needed after toiling into the wind all day. Eventually the trail returned to a more rideable surface and after an hour we were in Linwood. We found the B&B and then walked to the small grocery store to fill out our pantry. Tonight will be our last supper of this road trip and we enjoyed another super salad.


Now we have a few stray items from the bakery in Blyth and the one in Millbank to take care of. Tomorrow we should arrive back in Kitchener.


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