An Ontario Adventure

Day 11: Goderich to Blyth 42km
Thursday, June 25. 2015
Clouds clearing, sunny and humid. 23C

We took our strawberries and yogurt with us when we checked out this morning. After stopping in at the bakery for their renowned cream puffs we made our way over to see the Huron County Gaol. We weren’t in a rush to go anywhere – today would be a short ride – so we decided to take a tour of the old jail.


It was fascinating and a little haunting touring the jail and the Governor’s house, especially on an empty stomach. When we finished there we were very near the trailhead of the Goderich – Auburn Rail Trail (GART). We stopped to look at the map of the trail and struck up conversation with another cyclist. As it turns out Rod is the unofficial Trail Master and gave us information about the detours we could expect along the way to Blyth.


Having heard the news about the Goderich to Guelph (G2G) trail opening officially next week we didn’t want to advertise the fact that we were going to give it a test run. Rod seemed to think that it is rideable now except for a few parts where the bridges are missing. So off we went on the trail.

At noon we finally had our breakfast and then started our ride. The trail was in good shape all the way through Mcgraw until we had to detour around the missing bridge. Then the trail got tough.


Rough, muddy and buggy.


By the time we got out to the road and followed it around to Balls Bridge it was time for lunch.


We rode a little further on the road until we picked up the trail again and unfortunately the trail seemed to get worse. It would cut out at different property lines including at this pile of burning garbage.


It was so rough in spots that we had the odd unplanned dismount.


We persevered, but when we came to another creek with no practical way across we took matters into our own hands.


We ended up fording the creek and used it as an opportunity to cool off and rinse some of the mud off of the bikes.


So we kept on bumping along the trail, but when the trail started to look like an off road obstacle course we finally relented and headed for the highway.


The last few kilometers were smoother but highway 25 the Blyth Road has no shoulder to ride on and a speed limit of 90km/h. Fortunately it wasn’t that busy and before we knew it we had arrived in Blyth.

The B&B we are staying at used to be the train station in Blyth and we thought that was very fitting for our rail trail adventure.


And we thought today would be a short and easy ride. Today’s motto was “Short on distance, long on adventure”.


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