An Ontario Adventure

Day 10: Kincardine to Goderich 60km
Wednesday, June 24. 2015
Sunny with a south west wind. 21C

Kincardine has several tributaries flowing out to the lake and we found a route through one of the ravines this morning.


After reaching the waterfront we stopped to eat our breakfast and then take a few pictures.


We followed Lake Range Rd as far south as we could before we began pedaling along the busy highway 21 towards Goderich. There was a slight headwind that seemed to slowly sap our energy. We took several roadside breaks to keep our strength up, including this one under the shade of some silver aspen trees.


Just before we reached Goderich we picked up the rail trail and followed that into town. It was a nice change from the narrow shoulders of highway 21.


By the time we found our motel it seemed quite hot outside and we were glad to be off the road. We dropped off our luggage and then had a leisurely ride to the bakery and then the grocery store.


There was an airshow happening this afternoon and our dinner was punctuated by fighter jets from time to time.


After dinner we mustered up the strength to go watch the sunset. There were a lot of clouds in the sky by this time, but we had a nice view of the harbour.


We dragged ourselves back to our room and enjoyed a late dessert of local strawberries.


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