An Ontario Adventure

Day 9: Port Elgin to Kincardine 49km
Tuesday, June 23. 2015
Morning sun then cloudy then sunny. 18C


After eating all of our supplies last night our pantry was pretty depleted this morning. Giant Tiger doesn’t offer the best selection of food so we opted for a hot breakfast at Maybel’s.


Our route this morning had us on the back roads heading out of town, keeping us off of the busy highway 21. The weather was cold with a west wind and even a brief spattering of rain. If we had had more clothes with us we would have been wearing them.


Stopping for a small snack at this sheltered park gave us some energy to keep on trucking. Shortly after our break we came across a sign for Philosophers Wool. We were intrigued and stopped in the farmhouse/log cabin to investigate. We met the proprietors, heard their life story and had a look at their wares. It was time to get going.

As we got closer to Kincardine we could hear the surf building on the lake. When we came to a pathway to the beach we went a had a look.


Not long after that we arrived in Kincardine and found our way to the information centre downtown. The first two motels we looked at were full so we rode back across town and checked in at another one. Then we walked back downtown to check it out and to see the iconic light house.


When we were finished sightseeing we walked back to the motel to plan our supper. We rode our bikes to the new part of town where the grocery stores are and because of the cool weather, settled on soup. We spiced it up a bit with lentils and sweet potato and were just in time for the baseball game.


We have been investigating options for the last leg of our trip and hopefully everything will work itself out.


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