An Ontario Adventure

Day 7: Collingwood to Owen Sound 71km
Sunday, June 21. 2015
Clouds, light rain then sun. 24C

Today we got our earliest start yet. We were on the road just after 8 o’clock and after pedaling 7km into downtown Collingwood we stopped at the grocery store to pickup our breakfast. Then we navigated our way to the start of the Georgian Trail on the edge of town.


We ate our breakfast there and did some maintenance on our bikes before setting off towards Meaford. The trail goes past Blue Mountain although clouds shrouded our view. In Thornbury we stopped for a short break and caught a glimpse of the bay.

The ride was mostly downhill coming into Meaford and we found another grocery store where we got our lunch. We ate at a bench on the main street and watched the world go by. The sun had worked it’s way out by this time and the temperature instantly got warmer.

We decided to take the most direct route to Owen Sound instead of the Tom Thomson Trail. Highway 26 was more direct, but it also had us climbing several hills on the way. This is often
the view I see when I’m climbing…

When I get to the top and have a chance to look around, it looks like this…

All those hills allows us to eat like this…

We had been planning that salad since late lastnight. Shrimp, mango salsa, peppers, avocado, cucumber and greek yogurt.

After eating we relaxed in our room and saw our first real sunset of the trip. From Owen Sound we will keep heading west towards Lake Huron where we should be celebrating sunsets nightly.


One thought on “An Ontario Adventure

  1. Re: Meaford, a friend recently visited the Anglican Church there. There are stained glass windows in the church made from pieces of stained glass from Britain’s cathedrals that were bombed during WWII. A former rector served in the armed forced in Britain at that time and got permission from the bishops to bring pieces of stained glass back to Canada with him, and those were made into the windows. She said there is a “map” of the windows in the church so the viewer can tell which piece of glass came from which cathedral. Interesting– I grew up in Simcoe County, but never heard that story before.

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