An Ontario Adventure

Day 5: Orillia to Midland 62km
Friday, June 19. 2015
Sunny with the odd whispy cloud. 20C

Coming into Orillia yesterday we asked a runner for directions and we chatted for a moment. He asked if we were riding for a cause? Mom replied “just for fun” and I said “because life is short”.

At one of the bakeries yesterday we placed a custom order for a cranberry, maple, walnut chelsea cake. We picked it up at 9am this morning.  Today, this is our cause.


We ate oatmeal at the motel and after stopping at the bakery we rode through Orillia’s beautiful water front.


The trail we took was paved and went through a shady forest. Eventually the paved trail finished so we rejoined the Uhthoff Trail heading for Coldwater.


The weather was perfect for riding today with next to no humidity. Passing under the 400 highway again we spotted a double rainbow.


The last 18km of the trail into Midland were paved which was nice. We followed a directional arrow pointing bicycles this way and ended up in the woods. Far down below we could see the paved trail hugging the waters edge. We kept on and our trail petered out into almost nothing with a locked gate at the end. After hoisting our bikes over the gate we saw a sign with a map on it. We had actually found the street that our motel is on. Too bad it is all uphill.

Turns out there are a lot of hills in Midland. There are also a lot of impatient drivers. Maybe because it was Friday afternoon, but every time we needed to cross a street another car would appear so we’d have to wait.

Once we were checked in we rode our bikes back down the hill to the laundromat. While the clothes were washing we retraced our steps and pedaled the waterfront trail that we missed earlier.


While downtown we spotted a grocery store and the beerstore. After the laundry was clean we shopped and made one last push back up the hill to our motel.


We hung the clothes on the line and then prepped another tasty meal. We haven’t left our room since and even though it’s Friday night we probably won’t.


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