An Ontario Adventure

Day 4: Cookstown to Orillia 72km
Thursday, June 18. 2015
Mostly sunny and humid. 25C

The motel we stayed at last night does not provide breakfast so we packed up and pedalled the 5km into downtown Cookstown to the grocery store. Then we went to the Trailhead of the Cookstown – Thornton Rail Trail and ate.


After breakfast we crossed the highway and picked up the trail again and instead of crushed gravel, the trail was grass.


The grassy section didn’t last long and it was smooth sailing all the way to Thornton. After that we tried to follow the snowmobile trail, but all we could see were railway tracks.


At this point we took the road and found our way through Barrie. On the other side of the downtown we stopped for lunch at Nelson Square and sat at a picnic table in the shade. The temperature was getting warmer as the day went on and the humidity was building too.

The final 28km to Orillia was a struggle. We stopped frequently for water breaks and little snacks here and there. Clouds were building behind us and we would have welcomed showers, but they never materialized. When we finally arrived in Orillia we found our motel, dropped off the bikes and went out in search of the grocery store.

On the way we found several bakeries  and a bike shop.  Other than that it was just window shopping. We walked back to our room and started to prep supper.


We had both been craving a juicy fruit salad, so we had cantaloupe, mango, grapes and strawberries. Here is the salad before we ate…


And after…


What can I say, riding all day works up an appetite!


3 thoughts on “An Ontario Adventure

  1. You’ve been passing through the county I came from! I went to high school at Barrie North Collegiate, nurse’s training at the old Royal Victoria Hospital. My nursing class is having a reunion in September to celebrate 50th anniversary of graduation, at the Fern Resort, Orillia, near Rama.

  2. Hi Jamie and Wendy,
    (I’m a gym and yoga friend of your mum’s and spouse of your former teacher). I’m enjoying following your trip. You may want to follow Jim on crazyguyonabike. Just google Jim Blakelock and the name of the site and you’ll find it. The blog is posted by his riding partner.
    I want to eat your fruit salad and chicken! I think I’ll make that tonight!
    Have fun!

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