An Ontario Adventure

Day 3: Albion Hills to Cookstown 47km
Wednesday, June 17. 2015
Sunny with a south wind. 22C

The B&B that we stayed at was actually quite nice. Breakfast was good and our hosts, including this fake baby, were very friendly.


The Caledon Trailway was in really good shape and we followed it right past the Pan-Am Equestrian Center. When we arrived in Tottenham the trail came to an end. After asking around in town we concluded that we would have to ride on the road for the rest of the way to Cookstown. Unfortunately this means hills…


All those hills works up an appetite. After two roadside snacks we stopped for a full-on picnic. We had eaten most of the food by the time I thought to take this picture.


The rest of our route to Cookstown involved zigging and zagging, trying to find the least busy and least hilly roads. We did pretty well navigating and shortly after we passed the Pan-Am Shooting Center we found the Motel 400.


It was nice to be finished pedaling before 3pm and we put our feet up to relax. When it was time for supper we walked over to the nearby burger joint and got some take out.


We walked back to the motel and ate in bed. Now we are trying to stay awake at least until bedtime.


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