An Ontario Adventure

Day One: Kitchener to Fergus 37km
Monday, June 15. 2015.
Puffy clouds with sun. 28C


Driving from Ajax to Kitchener was fairly uneventful. When we arrived at my apartment we spent a few minutes organizing our stuff and then we carried the bikes downstairs. After a quick tune up at Black Arrow Cycles we were ready to ride.


Just past 1pm and we were on the road. The weather was humid and warm. We aimed for Bloomingdale where there was a detour because of construction. We don’t do detours if possible, so we took the sidewalk for a bit.


After a little more riding, we found a great place for a picnic. It was a bit late for lunch, but we needed some energy.


There was a crosswind that seemed to help us along. After one more snack and a final push we made it to Elora. The two of us poked around briefly before carrying on to Fergus.


Our B&B was just where my Mom remembered and we checked in just past 6 o’clock. We walked down the main street and then to the grocery store for our supper. We ate in our room and then parked ourselves on the couch in the tv room where we watched soccer and hockey. Both of us are looking forward to getting into our cycling rhythm and we will definitely get an earlier start to our ride tomorrow.


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