Across the Rockies in 28 Days

Day 27:
Richmond to Chilliwack and back         (by car).
Monday, September 15, 2014.
Sunny. 29C.

We started our morning with a brisk walk to the nearby Skytrain station. In the station, going up the escalator, we noticed that a woman had tripped and fallen on her way up. She was on her back going feet first and both of us scurried down to help her up on to her feet. She seemed a little shaken but not seriously injured, but Mom called the attention of the security and the Skytrain attendant. We all boarded the next train and the woman thanked us again as we departed at the next stop.

We switched trains, heading for the airport to pick up our rental car. Our plan was to drive to Chilliwack today to meet my cousin Lisa whom I had never met. Last night I left my sunglasses at Tristan and Mandy’s so Jean took them home and we’ll stop at her place in Surrey on the way.

The car rental place at the airport was really busy and by the time we were finished there it was nearly noon.


We hadn’t even had breakfast so we drove back to our hotel and went into the IHOP to eat. We were on the road to Jean’s by one and found our way to Surrey with no problem. She has a lovely place and we had a short visit and lemonade in her backyard.


After we left we decided to go to our new favorite fruit stand in Surrey and it was just down the street.


We stocked up on fresh peaches, nectarines, pears and some tomatoes and cucumbers for lunch. To get back to the highway we actually retraced our bike route from yesterday. Once we got back on the highway we drove to Chilliwack and did some exploring.

We wanted to get bike boxes from the Greyhound station but they were sold out. We found a bike shop and they had a couple of boxes for us free of charge, although a little on the small side. When we mentioned that these boxes would be heading to Ontario the shopkeeper Dan inquired “where in Ontario? ” Turns out that he went to school with some friends of mine and hasn’t seen them in years.

By this time we were getting hungry again and we stopped to shop for supper. Then we drove to Vedders Crossing to make a picnic in the van.


After supper the sun was setting as we made our way out to Tim and Lisa’s place.


We seemed to hit it off right away and ended up having a really great visit with them. They have a beautiful place in a beautiful location. It’s too bad we didn’t have more time to spend with them.

By 10pm we were on the road to Vancouver and with only one minor hiccup we arrived back in Richmond just before midnight. It figures that this is the nicest hotel room of our trip and both nights here we have arrived late with no time to enjoy it.



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