Across the Rockies in 28 Days

Day 26:
In and around Surrey: 59km
Sunday, September 14, 2014.
Sunny. 26C.

Today would be our last day in Surrey and with dinner at Tristan and Mandy’s at 6 o’clock, we had some time to kill. We really wanted to stop at the fruit stand we found the other day and that required bombing down this steep hill again.


Neither of us took pictures last time because we were busy squeezing the brakes. After the hill, and the fruit we took a roundabout way back to avoid riding back up the steep hill. We ended up back at the eastern edge of Tynehead Park. From there we made our way to the Barnston Ferry where we crossed over to Barnston Island.


The Little tugboat pushed the barge that is the ferry across Parson’s Channel in a couple of minutes. Once on the island we rode clockwise and stopped at Roberts Point for our lunch break.


We chatted with some people while we ate an then continued on, riding the remaining 8km around the island.


Once we were back on the mainland we rode back towards Guildford where we were expected for dinner. On route we saw a gang of cyclists stopped on somebody’s front lawn. They flagged us down, asking if we knew how to fix a flat tire. I responded by saying that changing flat tires were is my specialty. After getting them all fixed up they invited us home with them for drinks, but alas, we had a dinner to get to.


We had a good chat with them and turns out that one of them- Greg- is an Artist too. Cindy, Delphine and George were the rest of their party and if we are ever back this way we’ll be sure to visit.

Back in Guildford we stopped at the mall in the shade to cool off for a minute.


We also saw the living wall that grows outside of the mall.


After freshening up inside we were ready to head over to Tristan and Mandy’s. Jean, Tom and Nancy were there too and in no time there was a delicious dinner laid out before us. We chatted away for a couple of hours and then it was time for us to go.

We rode the 4km to the Skytrain station and hopped on the train.


We switched to the Canada Line at Waterfront station and then rode the train to Richmond where we are staying for the duration of our trip.


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