Across the Rockies in 28 Days

Day 23:
In and around Surrey: 35km
Thursday, September 11, 2014.
Sunny. 22C

Today move to Surrey. Our morning walk to Safeway where we purchased our Skytrain tickets was a nice way to wake up after our late night on the town. We spotted a little library on the way back to the hotel, so after we checked out, we donated a book.


Riding our bikes to the Skytrain station was a nice change from walking. It took nearly an hour to get to Surrey and we stood beside our bikes for the whole time. When we arrived at the end of the line or motel was just down the street.


After relaxing for a bit we decided to take a little tour of the neighborhood. There are plenty of bike lanes to ride in Surrey and we ended up riding a large loop. We saw a snowcapped Mount Baker, found two bike shops and the grocery stores.


We stopped for supplies on the way back to our motel and had a lovely supper in our room.


After we ate we took the Skytrain over to the City Center to go to the book store which is in a mall with an office tower aswell as the Simon Fraser University.


We have a couple of days to spend here in Surrey so we will be doing more exploring tomorrow.



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