Across the Rockies in 28 Days

Day 19:
Princeton to Coalmont and back: 39km
Princeton to Hope (by car).
Sunday, September 7, 2014.
Sunny and Hot. 30C.

In an effort to beat the heat today we got up early, had our continental breakfast and were getting on our bikes by 9am.


The trail out if Princeton was paved for 4km including through the 1000′ tunnel under highway 3. The KVR follows the Tulameen River and it’s greenish waters were in striking contrast to the vermillion rocks walls of the river valley.



It was quiet on the trail and we surprised this young buck who was out on his morning stroll.


At Parr Station, or the remnants of the station, the local trail society has erected a new shelter. We stopped here for a drink and to take in the view.


Eventually we arrived in Coalmont after a really rough ride into town.


One nice thing about the really rough patches on the trail is that they make the regular rough patches seem smooth. The ride back seemed faster and smoother and we are not quite sure why.

We stopped at this little beach for another break. Again, the greenish waters of the Tulameen make the reddish rock appear even more red.


The ride overall today was one of the most picturesque of the trip. The steep banks of the river valley were just some of the formidable scenery.


When we arrived back at the car in
Princeton it was 1 o’clock and the temperature was 30C. We loaded our stuff and the bikes and then drove to a shady street to have our picnic lunch. After a quick stop at Thomasina’s Bakery for dessert we were on the road heading for Hope.

The drive was spectacular. Highway 3 winds its way up through Sunday Summit and up again through Alison Pass. We noticed the landscape shift from dry pine forests to more lush hemlock and cedar covered mountains. On the huge descent through Manning Park we stopped for a break. We felt like we were in another world. Huge trees, lush undergrowth and we could actually feel moisture in the air.


Once we arrived in Hope we found a place to stay and got our supper. Another delicious salad, our best yet. After we ate we did some scouting for our ride tomorrow to the Othello tunnels.


One thought on “Across the Rockies in 28 Days

  1. I am getting caught up today on your travels after missing a few. What a trip! Are you thinking of seeing Lisa and her family in Chiliwack? They are a lovely family and have a wonderful location. See you soon. Elizabeth

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