Across the Rockies in 28 Days

Day 18: Osoyoos to Princeton( by car).
Princeton to Belfort Station: 19km.
Saturday, September 6, 2014.
Hot and sunny. 30C.

There was a great view on the way out of Osoyoos this morning so we stopped to take it in. We could see boats on the lake, Anarchist pass and numerous vineyards.


Not too much farther west on highway 3 was Spotted Lake. We could see it from the road so we pulled off to take a look. “Klilk, the Spotted Lake” has one of the world’s highest concentrations of minerals: magnesium sulphate, calcium and sodium sulphate. First Nations recognize the healing properties of the mud and water from the lake.


A little past 10 o’clock we arrived in Keremeos and stopped to look around. Another major fruit producing region in the province, the town of Keremeos has a plethora of fruit stands.


We already had fruit with us and ate our breakfast at the Red Bridge which spans the Similkameen River. There was a strong breeze from the west and the sun was getting hotter.


Princeton wasn’t much farther and when we arrived we found a place to stay. After unloading the bikes and our stuff we went for a ride on the KVR. We had a light lunch before leaving for Belfort Station.


After our lunch we followed the paved trail eastward out of town. The trail went up and pretty soon we had a nice view of the lumber mill.


Riding out on the trail we passed two people on motorcycles, two people on an ATV and three people riding horses. The pavement ended in a hurry and the heavy gravel and soft sand we got to know so well earlier on the KVR was ever present.

Once we turned around to head back we played a little game. No pedaling and no breaking, just coasting down. We coasted along for 4 kilometers until finally a big soft patch slowed us down to a crawl. That’s the nice thing about riding uphill first.

Once we got back into Princeton we crossed the Tulameen River on the Bridge of Dreams. We couldn’t wait to get into the shade as the temperature was peaking at 30C by this point in the day.


A little later after we had cooled off with some yellow watermelon we walked into town to pick up some fixings for a big juicy salad. We took a short cut home and came across this mural at the firehall.


We joked with one another that after supper but before dessert we should get some exercise on the stairs dubbed “The Miners Climb”. That didn’t happen.



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