Across the Rockies in 28 Days

Day 17:
Osoyoos to Oliver and back: 41km.
Friday, September 5, 2014.
Sunny and Hot. 30C.

Woke up to another sunny morning today. It was cool, but we knew the temperature would rise throughout the day. Having left our bikes in the car lastnight we were pretty well organized for our ride to Oliver. We drove over to Road #22 where we parked the car and ate our breakfast.


We got chatting with a woman who has lived in the area for fifty years and she told us a few stories. After A good gab we got on the bikes and rode along Black Sage Rd. This route passes by numerous wineries and vineyards, one of which has a bakery and some delicious bread. It was just past 10am and the place had just opened. There was more bread on the way. Mom had struck up a conversation with another cyclist- one that we had waved to earlier – who was out on the balcony. “Kamloops” is what we’ll call her.

We all chatted for awhile until more fresh bread was ready and then we all were ready to hit the road. We said our goodbyes and then Mom and I continued on. We had only ridden a few kilometers before we stopped for bread so we were itching to get going.

Black Sage Rd parallels the irrigation canal in the Okanagan Valley and the rolling hills were actually a pleasure to ride on.


We eventually hooked on to a paved trail that runs alongside the canal all the way to Oliver. We followed this trail as far as McAlpine Bridge and then took Tuc El Nuit Rd past the lake of the same name.


We ended up back in Oliver and stopped for lunch. It was a picnic lunch on a shady bench with our bread and a few other bits we bought at the grocery store. After lunch we got gellato and we probably shouldn’t have as we both felt a little sluggish afterwards.


The afternoon sun was cooking us so we tried to stay in the shade. I would have loved to go swimming but the signs posted along the canal sounded serious.


After the pavement ran out on the trail back to Road #22 we retraced our route along Black Sage Rd. We finished with a nice downhill and arrived back at the car.


On the way back into Osoyoos we stopped at a market for a yellow watermelon and a cantaloupe.  We ate those for dessert and they were both fresh, juicy and sweet. We love riding at this time of year.


2 thoughts on “Across the Rockies in 28 Days

  1. I remember the Okanagan Valley and the wee town of Oliver. Stayed in a room above the bar (cheap, but had to listen to loud music and drunks til the wee hours). Travelled out there with my girls in 1998. Did some cycling in Whistler, swam in a glacier lake…Brrrr…and enjoyed beautiful scenery. Such wonderful memories with my daughters!

    Enjoy the memories that you are making on this special trip.

    Lol, Glor

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