Across the Rockies in 28 Days

Day 15:
Chute Lake to Penticton: 46km
Wednesday, September 3, 2014.
Morning rain. 10C.


Both of us slept last night in between shifting and rolling over in our shared double bed. Breakfast wasn’t until 9 o’clock so we stayed in bed until the last minute. It rained all night and then started again in the morning as we could hear it on the tin roof of the lodge. Ugh! This was not in the forecast.

The food was good and Trish- originally from Burlington – was cheery on such a dreary morning. I tried to procrastinate leaving as the rain was to stop by 10am. Well it didn’t stop raining and I begrudgingly put all of my rain gear on and battened down the hatches on my panniers. The rain did seem to lighten a little before we left, but it would continue for another couple of hours.

Finally on the trail just past 10am and Mom realizes that her odometer must have fallen off. We had past through a cattle gate already and riding over one of those is enough to shake your teeth out.


We turned around and before we got back to the Chute Lake Lodge she spotted it face down in the sand. Yes!

A little ways down the trail there was a tree blocking our path. Must have blown down in the wind overnight.


It was already snapped in two so I decided to clear the path.


Now there was enough room at least for a bike to get by.


8km along we entered Rock Ovens Provincial Park. From here into Penticton is all downhill including one giant switchback through the park. At the end of the switchback we got an amazing view of Lake Okanagan and the town of Naramata below.


There were some interesting factoids along the way too, like this dry stacked retaining wall, built in 1912 by Italian stone masons.


There were two tunnels along our route today, Adra Tunnel which is presently closed and this one, Little Tunnel.


From this point on the trail was in perfect shape. Hard packed, crushed gravel and downhill at a 2.2% grade. As we descended towards the lake the vegetation changed. Ponderosa pine forests gave way to vineyards and orchards. All of a sudden houses appeared and people too.


We followed the KVR to mile 0 in Penticton and then continued for follow the trail until we found ourselves in familiar territory. A plaza. Sure enough a peek up the road and we spotted four motels. We chose one and perhaps we chose wrong, but we now had a place to call home for the night. The Grocery store was a short walk away and we picked up fixings for a big salad.


That hit the spot. Our evening chores included visiting the Laundromat-Cafe-Art Gallery.


We wrote our journals after we hung up our clothesline and indulged in a little tv. We are both looking forward to a better night’s sleep tonight and it won’t be long now.


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