Across the Rockies in 28 Days

Day 14:
Myra Canyon to Chute Lake: 50km
Tuesday, September 2, 2014.
Sun then rain. Sun then RAIN. 18C.

After a great sleep at the Myra Canyon B&B, both of us were ready for breakfast at 8 o’clock sharp. They had a classic European spread with just about everything you could possibly want and I had a bit of everything. After our meager supper last night we had been salivating over breakfast since we went to bed.

We were shuttled up the 4km hill to Ruth Station on the west end of the Myra Canyon. It took Rolf two trips, one with us and one with our bikes. Now because the Canyon is utterly unbelievable we decided to pedal it again. It is 12km each way and we took our time, stopping to read all of the information signs and historical plaques.


It started to rain while we were pedaling through so we donned our rain gear and carried on. There weren’t nearly as many people on the trail as there were yesterday although we piggybacked a couple who also stayed at the B&B with us. We had more time thus morning to take pictures and to really let the experience sink in.


We chatted with a few other people including a couple from Tavistock, Ontario. Once we were on our way back through the canyon heading westbound we came across all of the same people again.


We stopped for a snack before we left the canyon and this little guy appeared. A golden mantled ground squirrel. It was practically eating out of my hand.


When we finally left Myra Canyon we were heading for Chute Lake. After pedaling for 7km we reached Belview Trestle, another impressive span crossing over Hydraulic Creek. The sun came out again and it got warm. There were clouds building to the south of us so we tried to cover as much distance before it rained again.


The trail which is also a dirt road at this point had some good sections to it and some awful ones. Ruts, sand and rocks made it tough to ride on and there was a strong headwind when we were out in the open. A lot of the landscape we were riding through was burnt down in the 2003 fire so it appeared quite barren. I spotted a black bear and cub down in a field but I kept quiet and we moved past with out incincident. The rain started again and we still had several kilometers to go.


All of a sudden Mom had a flat tire. And I had just been thinking to myself that I can’t believe neither of us has had a flat yet. We changed the tube on her rear tire and got a little wet doing so. Only a few kilometers left. Mom pleads out loud “I wish for once that our destination was actually closer than we think instead if being farther than we think”.

About 100 yards after the flat tire we see the sign for the Chute Lake Lodge. It’s a miracle! We figured it would be another 5km at least.

Turns out we are the only guests here tonight at this rustic lodge. It is full of antiques and artifacts from a time gone by and Doreen the proprietor is great.


We had a delicious meal- homemade burgers, hand cut fries and pie. It was so delicious. So delicious in fact that we split another burger and fries after our pie. There us no shopping nearby so we will be having breakfast here too. The rain is supposed to clear by morning and we’ll be heading for Penticton.


Goodnight from Chute Lake.


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