Across the Rockies in 28 Days

Day 13:
Beaverdell to Myra Canyon: 89km
Monday, September 1, 2014.
Partly cloudy. 19C.

It was a cold morning in Beaverdell and both of us were snug under our covers when we awoke at 7:30am. The temperature was 3 degrees celsius outside and 5 degrees in the greenhouse.


We knew we had a big ride ahead if us today and we left the Last Resort just after 9am. Not only did we have to pedal the 75km to Myra Station, but we also had to pedal through Myra Canyon and then down to our B&B aswell. We had enough food with us to keep us going and we weren’t going to pass through any towns with stores.

We stopped for lunch at Arlington Lakes and ate our leftover pizza. There was a cell signal here from the tower atop Big White so I was able to post the previous days blog posts.


Most of our ride today was uphill although it didn’t seem like it. The trail was in pretty good shape, but every now and then we would hit a rough, rocky or sandy stretch.


We broke down the ride into sections for no other reason than to keep our minds occupied. The last few kilometers riding into McCulloch Station were grueling. Then we’d have a snack and stretch and then hop back on the bikes for another segment.

The final few kilometers coming into Myra Station were almost painful. Shaken not stirred. Eventually we saw the parking lot and that signaled the start of the Myra Canyon.


The canyon has 18 trestle bridges and 2 tunnels in a span of 12km. This is probably the most notable part of the Kettle Valley Rail Trail. The trail through the canyon is basically flat, but is 500m above Kelowna and Lake Okanagan. The view is spectacular as is the engineering.

The fire of 2003 burnt most of the trees in the canyon as well as the wooden trestle bridges. The trestles have since been rebuilt with steel and a lot if new trees have been planted. The photographs I took do not do it justice, but here are some anyway.

A view across the canyon…


One of the trestles…


Big sky…


Some of the burnt trees…


Coming out the other side…


At the other end of the canyon is another parking lot and access point for the KVR. Our B&B is 4km down the steep gravel access road.

We rode our brakes the entire way down, even stopping part way because our rims were getting hot. Not to mention our hands were getting sore from constantly braking. Finally we had arrived at the Myra Canyon B&B.


The place overlooks Kelowna with a breathtaking view. They have horses here too. We were so thankful to be finished riding for the day. We ate the supper that we brought and can’t wait for their breakfast.



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