Across the Rockies in 28 Days

Day 12:
Rock Creek to Beaverdell: 53km
Sunday, August 31, 2014.
Mostly sunny. 21C.

Both of us were out of bed by 7:30am and itching to leave the Gold Dust Motel in our wake. The sun was shining, but it was cold, so we packed up saving our breakfast for the road.


At the trailhead in Rock Creek we spotted Oregon’s vehicle and decided to leave a note.


We rode the trail into the Kettle River Provincial Park and ate breakfast by the trestle where we swam several days earlier. As the sun got higher in the sky it started to warm up and we removed layers of clothing accordingly. Coming out of the park we knew to take the highway which avoided the detour around Zamora Station.

After 8km we reached Westbridge Station and got back on the trail. It wasn’t long after that we reached the Rhone Cyclist Rest Stop. This time we didn’t linger. Farther along the trail we reached Bull Creek Canyon.


This time through the canyon we got off of our bikes to walk through and take some pictures. There were a few drops of rain, enough to get our ponchos out. Then it stopped so we carried on.


We wanted to stop for lunch at the swimming hole, but when we got there a family with two trucks had set up camp so we kept going. We found a nice woodpile in a field off of the trail and chose to have our snack there.


A group of four on bicycles went past waving and one of them came over to chat. We swapped destinations and beginnings and wished each other well. Only 20km to Beaverdell so we set off again.

The last few kilometers were bumpier than we remembered, but we persevered. “Shaken not stirred” might be our new motto for this trip.

Finally we reached Beaverdell and pulled into the Last Resort. We were greeted warmly by our hosts and within minutes of our arrival, Doris presents us with a bowl of Dahl each. It made for the perfect appetizer before we ventured into town to procure our supper.

The general store has a limited selection and we needed to get our lunch for the next day as well. We decided that a made to order pizza from Marlies’ would be good for both dinner and lunch.


So we ordered the pizza, then did our shopping and took it home. Then we walked back to pick up the pizza and ice cream too, and walked those back home. We made a quick salad and ate out on the treed front porch.


The pizza was absolutely delicious and I’m surprised that we actually have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. The ice cream was also excellent.

We are both in bed as I am writing this and the sun has just gone down, at least behind the hills. We’ve got another exciting ride tomorrow as we will be riding through Myra Canyon. Stay tuned.


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