Across the Rockies in 28 Days

Day 11:
Greenwood to Rock Creek: 35km
Saturday, August 30, 2014.
Sunny with passing clouds. 21C.

The window was left open over night in our room for fresh air and both of us woke up freezing. Both of us also slept in after being bundled  up under the covers. When we did get up the sun was shining so we decided to eat our breakfast outside.


After getting organized we hit the road and pedaled through Greenwood again. We decided not to stop at the bike shop…


…but we did stop to put our feet up.


We decided to take highway 3 again today and the ride was mostly downhill for the 15km into Midway. We stopped at the grocery store to stock up for lunch and tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch. Outside the store we got chatting with Neil, a fellow bicycle traveler. Eventually we said our goodbyes after sharing stories from the trail. We decided to eat our lunch at the museum in town which is mile 0 on the KVR.


After lunch we rode on the trail, but only until our first chance to get back on the road. It was much smoother there and we had seen this part of the trail already, detours and farm gates included.

While staring off into the hills I spotted a black bear walking atop a ridge. I slowed down and pointed it out to Mom. That was a bad idea as she seemed to slow down rather than speed up. The bear would have been on the other side of these hills.


Farther on, crossing a bridge I spotted the KVR running along underneath, but we were quite happy zipping along on the road.


It wasn’t long before we arrived in Rock Creek. The Gold Dust Motel, the only one in town, has a cafe and a Husky gas station. The room was nice enough although it was full of flies and we got busy trying to eradicate our unwanted guests. The KVR guide book has come in handy afterall.


Walking through the few shops along the highway that constitute Rock Creek didn’t take long. We decided to do supper in our room again and got some help getting the tv to function properly. We are resting up for a big ride tomorrow, watching the world go by and fill up with gas.


One thought on “Across the Rockies in 28 Days

  1. Hey Guys!! It was very cool cycling to the car and finding your note. I was looking at your pics and a lot of them are the same. It’s so cool to have the same experiences as others. We did get less rain however and were not too impressed with Chute Lake Lodge. I think we had the same room!! Top Right? Everything else was FANTASTIC!! Keep on riding!! Amber and Gay AKA OREGON!!

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