Across the Rockies in 28 Days

Day 10:
Grand Forks to Greenwood: 47km
Friday, August 29, 2014.
Cloudy. 20C.


Our ride to the east came to an end yesterday and today we began riding west. Having ridden the KVR from the Eholt summit into Grand Forks on Wednesday we decided to take the highway back over the summit to Greenwood. After a brief stop at the post office we ate breakfast in our room before leaving town.


The smooth highway was a welcome change from bumping along the dusty rail trail and despite the traffic the scenery was equally as nice. I decided that I would count the number of hills we would climb from Grand Forks to Eholt summit, but there were really only two.


The first one was quite steep and 3km long. The second hill lasted for 18km. We stopped a few times including this snack break in the ditch.

After two hours of pedaling we finally reached the summit.


After starting down the other side we stopped for lunch at Wilgress Lake. Both of us were excited to have successfully reached the summit.

The 25km ride down the other side was a little scary, but we did not get going as fast as we thought we might have. The
worst part was where there were concrete guard rails at the edge of the shoulder. All of the rocks, stones and debris collected there were rough and I thought surely that one of us would get a flat tire. That didn’t happen and in less than an hour we were in Greenwood.


We stopped for a photo at the Tunnel of Flags- an early single lane tunnel from 1913 that passed under a wooden trestle- and then found our way to the motel. While checking in wondered if we should have looked somewhere else, but the room was nice and reminded us of the Wunderbar Motel in Wakefield, QC.

Within an hour we had seen town and plotted both our supper and dessert. We were back in our room by 4:30pm and finally got to see a baseball game. We ate at 6 o’clock and have enjoyed a relaxing evening writing our journals and planning our next few days of adventure.


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