Across the Rockies in 28 Days

Day 9: Grand Forks to Cascade Falls and back: 47km.
Thursday, August 28, 2014.
Partly cloudy. 29C.

We decided to take a bit of a rest day today so we took a short walk before breakfast along the Kettle River.


It was another sunny morning and both of us remarked how the morning can be so cool and the afternoon can be so hot. After breakfast we did some errands including getting my stitches removed at a medical clinic (I had a spot taken off of my arm 2 weeks ago), a stop at the post office and another at the hardware store. We had lunch back at the motel and sat outside in the shade. We decided to take a short bike ride out the other side of town where there is a paved trail to the Nursery Trestle.


That didn’t take long so we kept on riding. We figured that the Cascade Falls Trestle wasn’t too much further and that it would be an interesting sight to see. The countryside here is beautiful and just being out in it is quite remarkable.


It took longer than we thought to reach the gorge and we almost turned back a couple of kilometers beforehand. It was too high to jump from the trestle and too far down to climb down to swim. We chatted with a guy and his dog, had a snack and then headed back towards Grand Forks.


Part way back we stopped to cool off in an irrigation sprinkler. That snapped us out of our heat trance and we made good time on the trail.


At another stop for water I climbed up on a small grotto for a different view.


Our final push towards home for the night was slowed by several farm gates. Stopping at each one to open, let ourselves through and then close them behind us. We joked that this would make for an interesting sporting event- farm gate relay racing.


We rode straight to the grocery store and filled our basket. So much for taking a day off.


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