Across the Rockies in 28 Days

Day 8 Midway to Grand Forks: 55km
Wednesday, August 27, 2014.
Hot and Sunny. 30C.

Midway has the most inviting looking grass covered hills overlooking the town. This morning when we got up the sun was shining and the hills were golden.


Our plan today was to pedal to Grand Forks on the KVR so we scouted out the trail out of town before breakfast and then stopped at the grocery store for a few things including fresh peaches.

The trail was soft and sandy heading out of town and uphill. The scenery reminded me of a wild west novel. You could almost see the heat and the sweet smell of sun roasted pine needles wafted past every time we left the shade. We had been warned about the poor trail conditions before we left town, but we needed to see it for ourselves.


After an hour of riding at barely 10km/h
we decided to try riding on the highway. The road was still heading mostly uphill to the Eholt summit, but at least it was smooth to ride on. Going up hill we pedaled slow and steady and on the brief descents we would catch our breath.


Both of us practiced our truck surfing- riding the wake of air displaced by transport trucks whizzing past- and enjoyed the scenery as best as we could.

About halfway to Grand Forks we reached the Eholt summit and pulled off the highway into the parking lot. There was access to the KVR. I suggested that we try riding the trail again into Grand Forks because it would be all downhill from here and more shady than the highway.


The KVR at this point diverges from highway 3 and runs down the Granby River valley and there is next to no trail access. I figured that if the trail was rough that at least we’d be going downhill. Mom agreed so off we went.

The trail was rough and sandy- a bad combination- but it was downhill for nearly 20km. We were able to essentially coast the entire way, holding on with all our might to stay in our respective tracks.


We came across Hodges Tunnel and got off of our bikes to walk them through. It was dark and cool in the tunnel. It curved slightly and we could see a hint of light coming from the other side.


Shortly thereafter we passed through Fishermans Tunnel where we came across the only other people we saw on the trail. We stopped for our lunch on the other side of the tunnel and the view of the valley was superb.



After one last look at the tunnel we continued the punishing descent on the rocky trail. Eventually we arrived again in Grand Forks. The trail leads right through town and brought us right to a bike shop. We couldn’t resist going in and Mom found her favourite bike seat that has been discontinued for years.

We found the Imperial Motel again and got our same room. We sat out front for awhile relaxing before walking to the store to pick up our supper. We have our feet up now and are looking forward to bedtime. Tomorrow is a new day.


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