Across the Rockies in 28 Days

Day 6 Myra Station to Beaverdell 75km.
Monday, August 25, 2014.
Sunny with broken clouds. 29C.

This morning we rode from our hotel to the Delta Grand to catch the shuttle bus up to the Myra Station access point to the KVR. There was a family of six, some of whom were from Ft. Lauderdale and some from Washington DC sharing the van with us so we had lots to chat about on the 45 minute ride up from Kelowna.


At the top we got unloaded and wished them well. They were riding the 12km loop if Myra Canyon and we were heading the other way, but we couldn’t resist a sneak peak of the first trestle bridge. The canyon is breathtaking, but we will be passing back through it in a weeks time.

It was a great feeling to finally set off on the KVR. The sun was out, the air was fresh and we rode down the treed path in almost total silence. Having eaten our breakfast before we left we found our rhythm in no time. We passed by two different groups of five cycling in the opposite direction and everyone is eager to say hello. After a quick stop for a drink and sun screen a woman pushing a stroller with two little ones walked by.

We got chatting and she lives at the ranch we had just passed and her plan is to set up a lodge for cyclists. This is almost the exact location that we were having such a hard time finding a place to stay. She offered us a place to stay, but we have already made accommodations for that night next week. We said our goodbyes and set off again.

A few kilometers down the trail we passed by the McCulloch Lodge on Hydraulic Lake. This is listed on the KVR website as a place to stay, but has been closed and under construction for six years. The lake is gorgeous and we think about swimming. Better keep riding.


The Trail is in pretty good shape and the surface varies from compact gravel to dirt track. In places it appears to be an active logging road. After riding through trees for awhile we were finally able to see out and the view was incredible. We spotted highway 33 way down below.

Most of our ride today was a gradual downhill grade which was perfect for our first day on the trail. We stopped for lunch in the sun overlooking the valley.


The sun was beating down by noon and when we moved on we were back in the shade where it was cool again.


We stopped again at Arlington Lakes park to take in the scenery and we thought about swimming again. We saw birds circling overhead as we rode out if the park and then heard some big rustling in the bushes nearby. We would ring our bells, blow our whistles and sing and chat to warn off any wildlife. That worked well because we didn’t see anything.


Heading towards the Wilkinson Creek Bridge the trail descended and by the time we reached it we were no longer up on the mountain side. Following the creek for the last few kilometers was straight and fast. With one final push we pedaled over half a kilometer of rough river rock to reach Beaverdell.

Our place for the night is called Last Resort and was close by. We got the two bed bunkie, but have access to the kitchen aswell. Doris, the proprietor showed us her menu for the day and we chose the pasta au gratin over the borscht. We walked to the general store for a few more things and then to Marlies’ for ice cream. Back at the Last Resort we heated up our supper and put the ice cream in the freezer. It was all delicious. 

Just after 8 o’clock both of us are in bed. Journals, reading and I think my Mom is asleep already. Heading for Midway in the morning.


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