Across the Rockies in 28 Days

Day 5: Grand Forks to Kelowna (by car) .
Sunday, August 24, 2014.
Sunny with some showers. 29C.

Plans have been made and now it’s official. We are ready to ride the Kettle Valley Rail Trail (KVR).

On our drive from Grand Forks today we turned north up highway 33 which parallels one section of the KVR. There were two sections of the trail where we were concerned about not having any where to stay. Since we already shipped our tent and camping gear home, we needed to address the situation.

In Beaverdell we learned that the hotel we were planning on staying in actually burnt down three years ago. We solved that problem.

In another area, McCulloch Lake, the resort is closed and under construction. This would mean that we would have to cover two days worth of riding in only one day and that is not happening. We solved that problem too.

The last wrinkle was how to get from Kelowna up to the trail access point at Myra Station. Our guide book gives directions to the station from town and it sounds pretty straightforward. We decided to scout the route in our rental car.

We came across a sign indicating that the access point was 10km up this road.    This road is at least 15km from downtown. Now this road is UP. Very steep and winding and then it turns into a narrow gravel road and continues to twist and turn upwards. Kelowna looks like a miniature village off in the distance. We made it to the top without careening off of the edge and sure enough there were many vehicles parked in the lot.

People were loading and unloading bikes many of whom looked like Sunday day trippers. We learned that Myra Station is 3400 feet above Kelowna and there is no way we are riding 25km up 500m and then pedaling 70 more kilometers to Beaverdell. We are ambitious, but we are not superhuman.

So we drove way back down to Kelowna  to book our seats on the shuttle that will take us and four other cycle tourists up to Myra Station. Then we found our hotel, did some shopping for supper, breakfast for two days and lunch too. We dropped off the rental car and then pedaled 6km back to our hotel.


On the way back we crossed the highway on a neat pedestrian bridge…


…and took pictures of the hills that we won’t be riding up in the morning.


We are all packed and eager to get on our bikes, seriously…


2 thoughts on “Across the Rockies in 28 Days

  1. No matter whether you travel by bike or car, the scenery is beautiful out west! Glad you are enjoying yourselves. Happy cycling tomorrow, Lol glor

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