Across the Rockies in 28 Days: Day 2

In and around Calgary: 54km
Thursday, August 21, 2014.
Cloudy with bouts of light rain. 13C.

After deciding to spend another day in Calgary we knew we weren’t getting any closer to Vancouver. The cold and wet weather influenced our decision, but we were still uncertain about our itinerary. We wanted to investigate some potential options and we were both pleasantly surprised with Calgary in general.

The network of bicycle pathways along the rivers here are very impressive. After having ridden some of them yesterday just getting from the airport into town we decided to take a tour of them. We plotted a route to a commercial center in the Southwest quadrant where we visited Costco and then a Superstore for lunch.


Next we toured an industrial area before hooking up with the Bow River Pathway near the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary.


We witnessed some of the damage from last Summer’s flood including where some of the trail was completely washed away.


There are a lot of bridges in Calgary and where the River Pathways come to a bridge, most of them have their own underpasses complete with signage stating whether or not the underpass is open.



So we kept pedaling and passed by Fort Calgary. Here the pathway is called the River Walk and is at least twenty feet wide. It is beautifully landscaped complete with public art. The Peace Bridge was pretty impressive too.



We were making our way to the Greyhound station to inquire about  taking the bus at various points of our journey if need be. When we got their and spoke to an attendant we were a little disappointed with what we found out. The bus we were thinking of taking is a midnight run, it is pricey and they are out of bike boxes.  So much for that plan.

We retraced our route, but on the opposite side of the river and then crossed back over the Bow River to head up the Elbow Creek Pathway. This took us past the Saddledome and Stampede Park where the path had been washed away from the extensive flood damage. We detoured up several flights of stairs.


At the top we were rewarded with a great view of downtown.


After a few more minor detours due to the reconstruction of the path we ended up riding past Rockyview General Hospital which overlooks the Glenmore Reservoir. Next we passed Heritage Park Historical Village which was closed. This reminded us- plus all of the bicycle commuters- that it was supper time. We were quite close to our hotel and after a stop at the CO-OP grocery store we settled in for a delicious supper.

Neither of us could stop raving about the network of bicycle pathways here and we will be sorry to see Calgary go.
Big plans for tomorrow so stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Across the Rockies in 28 Days: Day 2

  1. Calgary is a beautiful city. Glad you had time to enjoy the cycling trails even though it was a wet day. Continue to enjoy.
    lol, Glor

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