The May Four Trip: Day Four

Kinmount to Haliburton: 46km
Thursday, May 15, 2014
Cloudy and rainy. 20C

When we left the Kinmount House B&B after a delicious breakfast it was almost noon and hadn’t started raining yet. We picked up the trail heading north and it was in pretty good shape.


Then the sandy patches started. It was grueling pedaling and at several points we came to a standstill. One of those times provided the perfect opportunity to save this tiny turtle.


After his photo shoot I scooped him up and helped him across the trail.


After a couple hours of pedaling we had hardly gotten anywhere so we decided to try riding on the road. It wasn’t long before we came across The Little Tart Bakery. Perfect timing. The road was obviously smoother, but the downside is…




We finally arrived in Haliburton and stopped at the grocery store to plan our supper. There is a BBQ at the Green Cottage so salmon, chicken and sausage will be on the menu tonight.


After shopping we made the final push. Off the highway it was only another 4km, but with more hills. Finally it was in sight. We made the final descent down the driveway.


After our group shot we settled in and I even took a quick dip in the chilly lake. Now we are relaxing and reminiscing about our journey. Ross will be joining us tonight and Dad(Don) tomorrow for our ride home.

Hope you enjoyed following along and stay tuned for more bicycle adventures soon.


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