The May Four Trip: Day 3

Fenelon Falls to Kinmount: 34km
Wednesday, May 14. 2014.
Cloudy, cool. Then sunny & hot. 24C

After having breakfast in our room we set off under cloudy skies. We felt a few drops of rain and had our rain gear handy. The trail heading north out of Fenelon Falls follows along the eastern shore of Lake Cameron and was picturesque. At the bridge over Burnt River we stopped to stretch our legs.


It seemed like we were pedaling uphill all day and the trail had patches of soft sand every now and then. The combination of the two make for tough riding. We stopped several times to catch our breath.


And also for others to catch up…


We encountered several technically challenging obstacles today including some pretty deep puddles that we had to navigate around.


As challenging as it was I still managed to steer with a camera in one hand.


Eventually we arrived in Kinmount and went straight to the bakery/corner store for some tasty sweets including; ice cream, cookies, apple crumble and a variety of squares. After we replenished our energy, we split up. Rick and I went to the LCBO to pick up some beer and Mom and Vicki went up the hill to the B&B to get us checked in. The sun had come out by this point and the B&B is a lovely place with spacious grounds overlooking Kinmount.


We sat around in the sun and in the screened in porch deciding how we would get to the Riverside Restaurant for dinner. It is located in Norland which is 16km from where we are. Initially we had planned to ride there, but we’re not sure if we would have the will to pedal back. After chatting with Patrick the proprietor of the B&B, he offered us a ride there and we invited him to join us for dinner. Perfect.

Just before we were set to leave Patrick, who was still busy with the satellite repair guy, suggested that we take his truck to the restaurant. We graciously accepted his offer and off we went.


We arrived at the Riverside Restaurant right at six o’clock for our reservation and the place did not disappoint. The food was amazing. Really, really amazing. After dinner we could barely get into the truck let alone onto a bike so thankfully we didn’t ride there. It started raining and again we were thankful to be off the bikes.

We got back just in time for the hockey game, but Patrick informed us that the satellite guy was unsuccessful at fixing his dish and wouldn’t have a replacement until tomorrow. Ugh! So we ended up watching and listening to the game in a convoluted way, partly on the computer and partly on Vicki’s phone, with a twenty second delay. Nonetheless, the good guys won and it was that much closer to bedtime. Tomorrow we should be arriving at the Green Cottage although the forecast calls for some serious rain….



One thought on “The May Four Trip: Day 3

  1. I loved your pictures (especially the four of you in the truck) and commentary. Good luck with the rain today. Yvonne


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