The May Four Trip: Day Two

Lindsay to Fenelon Falls: 26km
Tuesday, May 13. 2014
Partly cloudy. 26C


I think we all slept well in our cozy quarters and were up by nine o’clock. It looked like it may have rained overnight, but it was hard to tell. We planned on going into town to eat breakfast, but Vicki and I decided to ride to get some coffee first.


We arrived back at the Grand for breakfast. It was just about noon by the time we got on the trail. With a relatively short ride planned for today it didn’t really matter that we were leaving a little late. We stopped to check out the map by the trailhead in Lindsay. There was a pretty cool information kiosk there.


After a few rough spots on the trail we rolled into Fenelon Falls. We popped into the Station Gallery to ask which direction our motel was. They weren’t open for the season yet, but were busy getting set up for the summer season. Just up the road was our motel which comes with a gas station.


We ate some leftovers for lunch in our room and then rode into the downtown to look around. There were a few shops that we looked in and checked out a few potential restaurants for dinner. Most if the restaurants were either closed today, didn’t exist anymore or not that appealing. We dropped in at the Fallsview for a beer and sat on the patio overlooking the roaring falls.


We decided to get our supper from the grocery store and curry and salad were going to be the menu. We each carried a bag home on our bikes and then got everything ready with the help of our microwave.


Dinner was great and with the dishes done we have our feet up watching the hockey game. Maybe you can see a routine forming?


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