The May Four Trip: Day One

Uxbridge to Lindsay: 51km
Monday, May 12, 2014
Sunny with building clouds. 25C

We are all very excited for this trip to the Green Cottage in Haliburton. My Mom, brother Rick, sister Vicki and myself have never pedaled together so this trip is extra special.


After getting organized in the morning we loaded the bikes into the utility trailer. Dad drove us from Ajax to Uxbridge where we unloaded at the trailhead. We said goodbye and set off for Lindsay on the TransCanada Trail. One of our first sites on our route was a “Trail Closed” sign. The bridge is still barricaded, but we are able to roll our bikes over the toppled chain link fence. The trail was a little rough at first, but soon opened up to a wide crushed gravel highway. We stopped for our first break after riding almost 20km.


A light lunch and then back on the bikes as rain clouds were building in the distance behind us. With four of us on the trail we are able to ride side by side at times and we got to switch back and forth with each other, sharing conversation as we ride.


Rick’s chain came off suddenly and him and I stopped to take a look. Vicki and Mom were out of site in no time. The chain was stuck and it took us a few minutes to get it back on. I sent a text to Vicki to let them know that we would be catching up and soon enough we had.

We pushed hard towards Lindsay and arrived in town a little after 5pm. We went straight to our preferred motel only to see the dreaded sign “No Vacancy”.


For no particular reason the motel is full. Plan B is to head to our other preferred location and we arrived there with light rain starting to fall. We decide to stay. We unload our things and freshen up before walking back into town to see what is for supper.


Rick and Vicki found a nice spot called The Grand and we all enjoyed our meals. Despite being full we shared dessert too.


It seemed like a long walk back to the motel, but it probably helped to settle our stomachs. All of us were eager to put our feet up in bed and watch the hockey game. One by one we drifted off to sleep. Tomorrow is a new day.


One thought on “The May Four Trip: Day One

  1. Cute title for this trip’s blog. I think it’s wonderful that you four are able to get together to do this trip. Hope the weather stays warm for you.


    Yvonne Pezzack


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