Easter Ride: 39km

Sunday, April 20
Sunny, south west wind. 16C

I enjoyed a day off from my Sunday afternoon at Cafe Pyrus and did some yard work at Mrs King’s. It was such a beautiful afternoon I decided to go for a ride.

With the wind coming from the south west at a pretty good clip I figured it would be best to head into the wind first. I headed out King Street and onto Old King Street over the Grand River towards Sportsworld. Before reaching the 401 I was reminded of the new pedestrian bridge over the Grand River.

Last summer I had meant to get out and see the bridge, but never got out that way. So I pedalled off the main road in search of it and found myself riding through a deserted golf course. I circled the course but could not see a bridge in sight. There were some excellent views of the river.


After climbing the road up and out of the golf course, I continued my search. I rode through a relatively new subdivision and saw signs for the Grand River Trail. After investigating the remains of an old farmhouse I could see the Pioneer Tower in the distance.


I knew I was getting close after I picked up the Trail and saw an approaching cyclist. I asked her if there was a bridge up ahead and she confirmed, saying to just keep going. After a couple of short portages over some deep sand left behind from some flooding, the trail led me to the bridge.


Finally I had found it. I took my time crossing, stopping for a few photos at the mid point.


After the bridge, the trail meanders through another golf course, eventually leading to the pedestrian bridge over hwy 401.


This is another bridge I have never ridden across, only having seen it from the highway. I kept riding to Blair Road and then back to Shantz Hill where I climbed up the hill back into Kitchener. I retraced my route crossing over the Grand River For the third time. I took River Road to Krug Street for a little down time from the traffic and was back home just as the sun was going down.


One thought on “Easter Ride: 39km

  1. Glad you took advantage of the beautiful day exploring the Grand River trail bridges.
    Did you know that that area close to the Deer Ridge Golf Course and Pioneer Tower is where your mom spent many days of her youth horse back riding? Happy Easter!
    P.S. as always, I enjoyed reading and seeing the pictures in your blog about your trip to Florida

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