Day 16: Mission to Florida Complete

Dania Beach to Fort Lauderdale Airport
Tuesday, April 15.
Partly cloudy, 28C

I didn’t set an alarm to get up and see the Lunar eclipse at 3:45am but was awake enough to sit up in bed and pull the curtain back. The Moon was high in the sky, right out our window, so I took my camera outside for a better look. I used the air conditioner as a make shift tripod and caught this picture between passing clouds.


Mom woke up too and got a nice look at the moon too. Then it was back to bed for a few more hours of sleep. Our alarms went off a little after 7am and we got up and finished packing. We took a short walk down the road before returning to our room for our yogurt and granola.

After we were organized we called Raul, our Haitian Angel and he said he’d be there to pick us up in 20 minutes. We got chatting with Maria, a neighbor of ours, while waiting for Raul and then right on time he arrived to pick us up.


It only took a few minutes to get to the airport and we checked in without any problems. We spent half an hour reassembling our bike boxes and then cleared security with flying colours.

Now we are waiting,

like you do in airports for our call to board.

Finally it was our turn and we shuffled onto the plane. We are seated beside the woman who we were chatting with in line and shared a few laughs together.

Lift off and we are away. Should be on
the ground in Toronto in two and a half hours and rumor has it that there is snow today. We shall see.

Bikes have arrived safely and our ride had perfect timing for our pick up. We are having dinner cooked for us tonight, but we get to make the salad.


3 thoughts on “Day 16: Mission to Florida Complete

  1. Congratulations! Since I’ve been to almost all the places you mentioned, & have spent months at some of them, & sometimes biked & sometimes inline skated, & sometimes walked on those very beaches & piers, you’ve provided me with a little vicarious trip to Fla to balance out the winter that keeps on giving.
    Hope to see you both at Jane’s art show in June……….hugs to both……gb

  2. Love the pic of the lunar eclipse!!!. Congratulations on completing your adventure with all its challenges. You guys are amazing! Hope you are having a great Easter with all the family. Look forward to seeing you at Janey’s Art Show…xo

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