Day 14: Mission to Florida

In and around Lauderdale by the Sea: 21km
Sunday, April 13th
Rain, heavy rain and more rain. 26C

When we poked our heads out the door this morning it was pouring rain. We already had our own breakfast fixings so we ate in our room. When it was time to check out we rode down the street to our next hotel to see if we could drop off our bags before going for a ride, but their office was already full of luggage. It is a good thing we double bagged our clothes in the panniers because now we were heading out in the rain.


We weren’t planning on riding far, just an hour out and an hour back and we were both wearing our bathing suits to keep our dry clothes for later. We started by heading north towards Pompano Beach and it wasn’t long before we were almost completely drenched. I suggested that we stop to swim so at least we wouldn’t have to worry about getting wet. So we parked the bikes and walked onto the beach and then into the Atlantic. The water was slightly warmer than the rain and the waves were pounding. After a little while we went back to the bikes and carried on.


We stopped for another short break under a shelter in a park and the rain seemed to lighten. When we continued riding the skies opened up again as if the rain was waiting for us. We rode as far as Hillsboro Bay where the draw bridge was up, then we turned around.
When we got back to our hotel our room was ready and we rolled in absolutely soaked. It took us a few minutes to settle in and hang up all of our wet things. We walked to the store in our wet outfits to get our groceries for the day before finally getting changed.


Thankfully our dry clothes were still dry and we did a load of laundry to help spin out some water from our wet stuff.
We prepared our supper or late lunch and found a hockey game on TV. It was another great meal and we probably ate too much because both of us fell asleep for awhile afterwards.


Once we woke up we took a short walk around the neighborhood to freshen up and then started organizing some of our stuff when we got back to the room.


Tomorrow we will scout out our route to the airport for Tuesday and then continue on to Dania Beach for our last night in Florida.


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