Day 13: Mission to Florida

Sunrise to Lauderdale by the Sea: 44km
Saturday, April 12
Sunny with clouds, east wind. 28C

We left Sunrise one last time on the New River Greenway. It was hot already and we enjoyed every piece of shade that we could.


What we thought was a weird piece of wood at the side of the trail was actually an iguana and we flushed several of them along our route back into the canal. We followed the canal until the trail ended, then we made a short jig onto the 84 which has bike lanes. To reconnect with the other side of the New River Greenway we had to negotiate a minor construction site. The workers were more than happy to let us past and even moved their truck off of the trail so we could pass. After that we had our own little concrete highway running alongside the big highway.


After another minor detour we followed the 84 up and over another highway and finally were on Marine Boulevard. Earlier I noticed a bump in my rear tire and found that the tire was shredding and ready to split. There were a few bike shops closer to Fort Lauderdale we just had to make it there.

We stopped at the first shop we came to and got the replacement tire. After that we had a little picnic in the shade before carrying on. Finally we crossed on last bridge and Fort Lauderdale and the coast were in sight. We could even see Miami in the distance to the south.


Shortly after crossing the bridge my rear tire finally blew with a loud bang. We pulled over to the side under the shade of a tree and installed my new tire. After that we were on the coast following the A1A or North Ocean Drive. The bike lanes were handy as traffic came to a standstill. The Tortuga Music Festival was happening and there were people everywhere. We pushed on. A few more miles and we arrived in Lauderdale by the Sea and found the Dolphin Harbor Inn, our home for the night.


Our room is adequate and we settled in before biking up to the grocery store. It was going on 5 o’clock now and we had a very light lunch. We rode back to the motel and got to see the strip.


After supper we took a walk to the beach. We were prepared to swim, but didn’t as it felt too cool with the breeze.


The Moon was up and the sun was setting. The sand was soft on our feet as the water washed over them. We were starting to relax after another exhausting ride.


I think this will be a nice way to finish our journey and we plan on hanging around this area for the weekend.


We finished our walk by the pier and then made our way back to our room. We’ll be staying in town tomorrow night too, but at a different motel.


One thought on “Day 13: Mission to Florida

  1. Love how you carried the bike boxes in your panniers! Dodging gators, iguana, bullets, snakes and traffic…a 007 adventure!!! What’s next?!*?

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