Day 12: Mission to Florida

In and around Sunrise: 38km
Friday, April 11th
Partly cloudy, east wind. 25C

Both of us slept in today and we made it down to the breakfast room with only a minute to spare. All the tables were full so we took our cereal back to our room and ate it in bed. After yesterday’s ride I guess we needed to catch up on our sleep. The pool was open and still in the shade so we decided a dip might help wake us up.


The water was refreshing and it was nice not to have to be racing around on our bikes. We did a few lengths and tried some synchronized jumping.


Once we were finished playing in the pool, we pedaled over to the grocery store to pickup our supplies for lunch and dinner. We made a nice salad in our room for lunch and then hopped back on the bikes and took the New River Greenway west to Markham Park. The park is only a mile or two away and has camping, a model airplane park, mountain bike trails and a target shooting range. We also saw an interesting dog park complete with an obstacle course. We circled the park looking for the levee trail that goes by the everglades and after speaking with a park attendant got heading in the right direction.


Just like the line on the map delineates, the everglades are like a desert of marshland that seems to go on as far as you can see. We rode the trail on top of levee for awhile into the wind, hoping to find somewhere to cross back over the canal. After double checking the map we realized that it would be miles before the next crossing and since this was supposed to be our rest day, we turned back.


Riding with the wind we made good time and were passing the shooting range again. Initially we thought the loud bangs were the sounds of construction, but as we approached we learned otherwise.


After checking out the park and finally seeing some everglades we stopped in at the hotel for our afternoon snack. Our next adventure was to ride up to the Sawgrass Mills outlet mall, apparently the largest outlet mall in Florida. 

The mall is near the arena so we were familiar with how to get there and it was only a couple of miles away. We were probably the only people who arrived there on bicycles and we locked them to some strange sculptural steel tower. We took a deep breath and went in.


None of the prices that we saw seemed any cheaper than any other mall, but both of us aren’t fond of malls in the first place, so what do we know. We made it from one end to another and actually stopped in a few stores to look around. In the end, I bought a new t shirt that I’m pretty happy about. After about 90 minutes we were done and rode back to our room for supper.

After eating we planned our next few days of the trip, at least in terms of what direction we will be heading from here. We are still pretty tired from yesterday and were happy to be having a lazy Friday night.



2 thoughts on “Day 12: Mission to Florida

  1. Hi Wendy and Jamie,
    I have been reading your blogs. Sounds like a nice trip, at least its warm. I enjoy hearing about the places you visited, I recognize a lot of them that we visited when we owned a Condo in FL. I am glad you found some bike trails , One of my majors issues with Fl was that the Car was King, everything is designed for cars: too bad with the nice weather and relatively flat terrain, along with a lot of attractions, Fl could have some great cycling and hiking routes..

    • You’ve got that right Duncan. There are some great trails here, the trouble is getting from one to another. The weather has been a nice change and hopefully it will be cycling weather when we get back to Ontario.

      Glad you’ve been following along.


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