Day 7: Mission to Florida

Siesta Key to Venice: 49km
Sunday, April 6th
Sunny with a strong south wind. 28C

Siesta Key was a nice place to spend the weekend, but when you are away for a couple weeks, weekends don’t really exist. We were eager to see what the Legacy Trail would be like and it did not disappoint. It is an old rail bed that was   converted into a multiuse trail stretching 11 miles to Venice. The trail was very busy today, mostly with cyclists, but also with people walking and skating. We made good time despite riding into the wind and arrived in Venice by noon.

Our room wasn’t ready for us to check in, but we were able to leave our bags there for the afternoon. We picked up the trail again and continued south along the Venetian Waterway Park. This is an extension of the Legacy Trail that follows on either side of the Intracoastal Waterway. We pedalled south again before breaking for lunch. After lunch we crossed the Circus Bridge and rode back up the other side.


With the wind our backs we flew along effortlessly and were back in Venice in no time. It was hot and we were hot so we headed through town to the beach. Everywhere in Florida seems busy, but we found a less busy part of Venice Beach to play in the water.


After floating around for awhile we took the bikes in search of the pier. The route we took meandered through a quiet residential area. We knew we had found the pier because when we came around the bend there were cars everywhere. Out to the beach again with a nice view of the pier.


Both of us were ready for dinner now so we opted not to swim again and just make our way home. While unlocking our bikes we struck up a conversation with a guy with a interesting looking cargo bike. Turns out it is a prototype electric bike that he and another “garage mechanic” are working on. He told us all about it and before we said our good byes, he offered me a ride.


The Electric bike was an awesome ride. It was very interesting. We wished him luck and he was on his way. We made our way back to the hotel and were treated with a lovely bike lane.


After picking up our supper supplies we had our best salad yet, sort of a coleslaw hybrid with this delicious lemon dressing we found a couple of days ago. We’re having an early night tonight and then heading back north in the morning. Hopefully the wind will still be blowing.


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