Day 6: Mission to Florida

Siesta Key: 17km
Saturday, April 5th.
Sunny, 27C

After a good night’s sleep we were both up early and ready for breakfast. It was the usual hotel fare. We were excited to get the beach, especially after yesterday’s stressful commute down the busy 41. We wore our swim suits, packed a few snacks and hopped on our bikes without our luggage.

Only about a mile from Siesta Beach we took the long way there by way of Midnight Pass. It was a lovely ride around the quiet part of the key, just long enough to work up a sweat. We found our way to a beach access and went down to the water.


Not as warm as I expected, but refreshing nonetheless, we floated around watching more and more people arrive at the beach. 


We walked our bikes to one end of the beach and went for another quick dip. It was getting hotter and busier by the minute. There is only so much sunscreen one can apply.


We rode back to our room for lunch. Afterwards we spent an hour or two on the computer, booking the next few days of our itinerary. We looked in a few nearby shops, but weren’t swayed by anything. By this time it was getting close to supper time and we were running out of steam. We spent the evening in our room relaxing and planning out the rest of our trip. We are off to Venice in the morning on the Legacy Trail.


One thought on “Day 6: Mission to Florida

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