Mission to Florida: Day Four

Tarpon Springs to St Petersburg: 75km
Thursday, April 4th.
Sunny with a south east wind. 27C.

So we decided to head back to St Petersburg today for various reasons, the main one being that we just want to ride. Not wanting to retrace our steps we decided to continue on the Pinellas Trail around Lake Tarpon and then connect to the Progress Energy Trail. The trail around the lake was a little disappointing because we didn’t even get a glimpse of the lake. After spotting this sign we had to stop and we saw a dejected alligator swim away because we ignored her.


The Progress Energy Trail is a proposed trail and doesn’t actually exist, save for a 2.5 mile stretch near Clearwater. We pedalled on, alternating between the sidewalk and bike lanes and even took what seemed to be an on ramp for a highway. We plodded south, block by block and street by street. It took us all day but eventually St Petersburg was within reach.

After asking a guy who was about to take his dog for a run by bike we were a little worried. He thought we were taking our lives in our hands by riding on the road. He went on about Florida having the highest pedestrian fatality rate in the US and that we should stick to the Pinellas Trail. This gave us a little scare so we abandoned the course we had been taking. After we rode away we stopped to consult one another and decided that we were doing fine.

We continued on heading south towards downtown St Petersburg. After several rest stops we ended up picking up the Pinellas Trail about 5 miles from where it starts. It felt like we had finally made it at this point. We felt even more confident after we passed safely through Gulfport. Emerging from the tunnel under the 275 by the Tropicana Stadium the journey was pretty much complete.


After checking in at the Pier Hotel we quickly got cleaned up and walked over to the Dali Museum. Tonight was cheap night and this time we actually the art. It was amazing.


It was 8pm by the time we got back to our room with our supper. Bbq chicken, sweet potato and salad. Another delicious grocery store meal. We are undecided what tomorrow has in store for us, but both of us have been eager to get to a nice beach. We’ll keep you posted.


One thought on “Mission to Florida: Day Four

  1. The alligator sign was a blast- I wonder how you “tease” one? Remember my request for gator shoes James? Lol! Are you seeing any orange groves? Must feel amazing to get away from the cold- hopefully it’s not too hot Wendy. Anxious to hear about Dali museum. Bike on!

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