Mission to Florida: Day Two

St Petersburg to Largo: 48km.
Tuesday, April 1.
Sunny with a nice breeze. 27C.

After a morning stroll through the neighborhood we arrived a little late for breakfast at the hotel. Thankfully some of the high school baseball teams staying here were running behind too. It was just after 10am when we started out. We found our way to downtown St Petersburg and eventually to the Salvador Dali Museum.


We had a snack in the garden and then walked the labyrinth  before going into the museum for a look. After an hour or so we were ready to get going again. The road closures from last week’s Indy Car race made it a little difficult to get to the trailhead. Soon we were off on the Pinellas Trail.

This trail is built on an old rail bed and is a welcome change from busy roads. There are overpasses that span some of the busier intersections and we must have ridden over ten of them or more.


As the day wore on we were starting to get a little tired so we decided to look for a place to spend the night in Largo which is just south of Clearwater. After some comparison shopping we settled on a room with a view (not shown here) .

We walked to pickup groceries and a few other bits. Back in our room we devoured our supper.


We are hoping to be dipping our feet in the Gulf of Mexico tomorrow.


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