Day One: Tampa to St. Petersburg, Florida. 36km.

Monday, March 31.
26C with broken clouds.

We got up at 6am and were at Pearson International Airport by 8 o’clock. We cleared security and customs with no problems and then sat a round like you do in an airport. We were lucky enough not to be seated beside Mr Cologne who unbeknownst to him kept us quite entertained in the boarding lounge.

The flight was quick and a little bumpy and within no time we were on the ground again. Our bikes survived the trip too and we took our time putting them back together.


The directions we had to get us from the airport to the Gamby Bridge worked perfectly. It was so nice not to be cold, the air just felt like nothing blowing over us. Both of us noticed little bugs right away. Another thing we haven’t seen in months. We had to stop for a picture in front of Palm trees. Can’t believe we are riding in Florida.


The Gamby Bridge over Tampa Bay is a good five mile stretch with nice wide shoulders. Once we were across we successfully navigated our way to the hotel. After freshening up we rode to the grocery store to pick up some food for supper. Sound familiar?

Overall today was a great first day and we both felt good on the bikes. Tomorrow is a new day. Stay tuned for more.


2 thoughts on “Day One: Tampa to St. Petersburg, Florida. 36km.

  1. Sure……..Florida………Flat ……. Warm………& ….. Flat!
    A far cry from the Gaspe etc.
    Hope you guys have another fantastic adventure!

  2. You both look so “fresh” and “alert” after hanging around an airport, traveling in a tiny cabin, putting bikes back together and then ‘heading out’! I’m impressed. Biking Therapy 101!!

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