Lindsay to Ajax 94km

Thursday, October 17. 2013
Awoke to sun with clouds building all day. 16C.

After leaving the Kent Inn we had no trouble picking up the trail heading out of Lindsay. It was in great shape compared to what we had been riding on previously. The sun was shining and there was a slight west wind.


Great trail.

We made good time for the first 20km and then stopped for a snack. We were back on the bikes in no time. We followed the rail trail towards Uxbridge, but left the trail for back roads north of Port Perry. After a minor detour we retraced our route back to the trail and carried on for a few more kilometers. We double checked the map and were back on track.


Double checking the map.

It was very hilly as we rode south. Gradually the amplitude of the hills lessened. After cresting one particular hill we could see Lake Ontario in the distance. It was pretty much downhill from here into Whitby.


Downhill from here.

We went west on Taunton Road until we reached Ajax. After a quick stop in the grocery store for our supper we were heading south down Salem Road. We were relatively impressed with the respect shown to us by the drivers on the road. Finally after five and a half hours of riding we were home. It started raining shortly after we got in. We ordered pizza, made a delicious salad and watched the hockey game. It was a short trip, but it was totally worth it.


Ahhh, feet up.


3 thoughts on “Lindsay to Ajax 94km

  1. Waterloobikes is putting a booth together for the Kitchener DT Nov 2 arts night, I’m figuring you’re probably involved any chances you could bring by a bike decked out with touring gear and do a mini-expo on what’s needed? I’m thinink we can put a little display together so folks can seee the gear and then if you’re wandering by you can drop in and chat up all the insider do’s and don’t’s … Let me know …

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