Haliburton Thanksgiving 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013.
Around the lake: 17km.
Sunny by noon, 16C.


Afternoon sun

After a great Thanksgiving weekend at the Green Cottage in Haliburton my Mom and I are ready to start the ride home. We warmed up this afternoon by cycling around the lake.


Fall colours

We went for a short hike afterwards and then spent an hour in the canoe just before the sunset. There are still plenty of leftovers here and we did our best to finish them off.


Supper time

A 9am departure in the morning should allow us enough time to poke around in Haliburton before we stop in at Beth’s office where the painting of the Green Cottage hangs. Stay tuned as the adventure unfolds…


2 thoughts on “Haliburton Thanksgiving 2013

  1. Hi Jamie,

    What beautiful pictures. Glad to see that you took advantage of the great weather to get some nice cycling in. Is the green cottage your family cottage? Is the first picture a photograph or a painting of yours?



    • Hi Yvonne,
      We are just getting started in terms of cycling! The cottage belongs to Victoria’s boyfriend’s Mother Beth. I painted a picture of the cottage for Beth last year. This was my first time here in person. So far all of the images in this blob are photographs.
      Thanks for following along!
      J & W

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