Day 5: Riviere du Loup to Trois Pistoles 58km

Friday, June 7th. Cloudy with some sun. 17C

All of us slept in a little today and it was just after 10am when we left the motel. We rode up to the IGA to complete our breakfast and pick up more food for our snacks. On our way out of town we spotted the Bis a Boulange bakery. We couldn’t resist.

We bought a few healthy cookies and a maple pastrie for good measure. We all realize the importance of keeping our strength up. We stopped on the far side of town at the bottom of a hill to eat our breakfast. After eating we powered up the hill only to notice that our bike lane ends. Perhaps we should have followed the Route Verte signs although they seemed to be pointing away from where we are headed. So we turn around and follow the signs down a steep and winding road towards the river. At the bottom, a beautiful bike path emerges that overlooks the Saint Lawrence.

The path leads to a residential street that unfortunately is a cul de sac. It was fun while it lasted. Back along the path, then we push our bikes up the steep and winding road, back to where we started. So we carry on our original route and sure enough our paved shoulder returns in no time. Finally, we are moving in the right direction. Several km later we reach Cacouna and make a quick stop at the post office.

Beginning to make up some time we have a great ride through the countryside with the river and the Laurentians in view. When we reach L’ Isle Verte we are ready to take a break. We snack by some rapids, but it’s not long before the black flies find us. Mom and Glor do their best to keep their heads covered up.

After our break we attempt to take the bike path instead of following route 132. Only one U turn required, unfortunately it was after hiking up another steep hill. Our second try led us to a quiet country road which we followed for at least 10km. So quiet in fact that only one car passed us the whole time. Eventually we made our way back down past the new hwy 20 construction to the 132 which was laden with heavy traffic.

Only 10km to go. Just before Trois Pistoles we picked up the bike path again and it led us along a picturesque and somewhat circuitous route towards town. We came across a sign indicating the Fromagerie des Basque was 0.4km up a rocky slope. Again we pushed our bikes up a hill but this time it was worth it.

At the top we saw the back of the Motel Trois Pistoles and across the street was the cheese factory. We crossed over to a full parking lot and learned that the Fromagerie is open 24 hours. Awesome. Famished again at this point we had no trouble picking out some cheese, bread and smoked trout.

I kept watch over the bikes while Glor and Mom went over to the motel to investigate. Still on the outskirts of town it was not our first choice, but they returned jubilated with the key to room 25.

It didn’t take long to get settled and lay out our spread of food.

After eating it was only 5 o’clock so we relaxed for awhile. Mom and I took a stroll into town while Glor caught up with her people. There was not a lot to see in town although we spotted the hotel we were aiming for and we are thankfull we’re staying across from the cheese factory. On our walk back there was another gorgeous sunset happening.

Back in the room Glor already had the hockey game on and at the second intermission we all walked back over to the Fromagerie. Chocolate ├ęclairs this time.

The game is over, everyone is in bed and I am writing this post. Almost finished and ready to wake up to another day of unknown adventure.

Tomorrow should be interesting. We are heading for Rimouski, possibly the hilliest part of our trip. There is also a section of the trail that the National Geographic Society calls “The most beautiful bike path in the world.”
We will let you know what we think…