Day 20 Cornwall to Ajax 12km

October 19, 2012

We enjoyed our last hotel breakfast this morning (got the last box of corn pops) and rode our bikes to the train station before the rain started. We checked the bikes and our bags and then waited for our train on the bench outside the station. It was very relaxing sitting on the train and we had a couple of snacks along the way. The sun came out as we approached Oshawa and a feeling of home when we saw the lake.

We arrived in Oshawa on time and had a few minutes to catch the GO train. We only rode on stop, to Whitby, then we were back on the bikes for a short ride home to Ajax. Managed to get one more flat tire on the way back and nursed my bike the last few kilometers to the house.

No one home to greet us, but we will be meeting up with Vicki and Ross for Indian food later on. Its nice to be back but I’m sure it won’t take long to miss riding the day away. Hope you enjoyed following along with our adventure. I hope to be home in KW in the next few days before I take off for Pelee Island. And no I won’t be riding my bike there.


3 thoughts on “Day 20 Cornwall to Ajax 12km

  1. I enjoyed reading about your trip, James! Never having been able to ride a bike myself, it sounds like a great adventure!
    Blessings, Lynda T.

  2. I too enjoyed reading your daily blog, especially with the pictures each day. I think you may be getting wet down at Pelee Island this week.

  3. Joanne and were enjoying following your bike trip. Can’t wait to get together with you and Mom to here more about it and see the photos too. We would love to join you next year. Mike

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